Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring is here and summer is approaching fast.

Unfortunately, this means Bed Bugs activity will be on the rise. According to Cornell University "Under ideal conditions bed bugs feed regularly when temperatures are above 70° F.... Eggs are not deposited at temperatures lower than 50° F.... At 65 degrees, bed bugs take their time developing, taking three months to become adults. But as the temperature increases, their maturation process accelerates. At 86 degrees, the three-month maturation period shrinks to only three weeks."

Bed Bugs also like to Travel. 

Summer is vacation time and hotels become more susceptible to guest spreading infestations. This means you are more likely to bring home an unwanted guest from your vacation.
You do not have to travel far to get bed bugs. Were ever humans are so are bed bugs as we do more activities were people congregate the possibility of coming into contact with bed bugs increases... movie theatres, museums and public transportation can be hot spots.

The Bed Bug Book gives helpful tips on Prevention and if need be Eradication.

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